Foundations for Changing the Future of America’s Youth

It is easy in this day and age, as we work our way through a struggling economy, political upheaval and advancing technology, to lose the forest for the trees.  Why did we start in the business of teaching, coaching or directing youth?  The clear answer is “to make a difference”, but be more specific.  What kind of a difference did you want to make?

We come from a health and fitness background, so we want to see young people obtain all of the benefits of physical activity.   We know that physical activity alone, while continuing to eat like the average American teenager, is setting up future failure.  We need to advocate for proper nutrition and eating.

What else affects the future of our youth?  Regardless of your ultimate academic goals, reading will get you farther in life than not reading.  This is a particular challenge in the highly technological world we live in.

And all of this thinking leads to character.  Character determines choices and choices determine behavior.  Behavior is not a direct line to outcomes, but it certainly trends in that direction.  The future leaders of our communities, of our businesses, and our nation need a foundation that they can build on.  We all know what happens to the house built on the sand.  We need to be building on rock.

As we continue to think along this path, we direct our efforts to help make a difference in all of the areas we see as crucial to success in life.  What do you think?  Do you agree that these are foundational?  What would you add?  And how do you lay the foundation where you work?

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