Why "Shaping America's Future"?Why does a company with the name of Fitness Finders provide reading, anti-bullying, nutrition, character development programs, accompanying incentives and a wide variety of practical youth incentives? The answer follows:

We started (in 1969) as a fitness company, providing group exercise classes in communities near the eastern US seaboard in the late 60s and early 70s. In the early 1970s to the mid 80s we also did extensive workshops and seminars for YMCAs across the US, Canada and Australia. Our success attracted the attention of Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, communities, universities, foundations, military groups, fitness centers, plus federal and state agencies.

With the rise in youth issues (1980 to the present) we directed our skills and focus to program and curriculum development regarding several pressing youth concerns that were emerging among American children.  These included obesity, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, an erosion of shared values, a decline in reading and academic achievement, an increase in bullying and a lack of clarity in goal setting. Hence, we created a vision for Shaping America’s Future®.

Our staff has more than 150 years of experience in the fields of health, education and physical therapy.  Each of these areas requires expertise and skills related to changing behavior which are shared in our programs. We have conducted more than 500 workshops, authored  80+ books, delivered almost 3,000 lectures, written over 200 articles and developed (or helped develop) more than a dozen programs for implementation by youth-serving organizations and agencies.

We are an American company focused on American children. More than 96 per cent of our products and programs are American made. Additionally, we are a sole source provider for almost all of our Shaping America’s Future products.

When we say Shaping America’s Future we mean it. We work hard to encourage all people who work with today’s youth—teachers, youth leaders in various service organizations (Ys, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, scouting, coaching, recreation centers, 4-H, etc.), people involved in faith-based groups and parents who home school their children.  Presently, more than 30,000 shapers of youth purchase our programs and products.

Our program materials, incentives and products are designed and inspired by teachers and youth leaders.  These endeavors are developmentally appropriate, field tested and carefully designed to motivate children to learn, change behavior and move toward achieving their potential.

There are many challenges facing youth leaders and teachers.  Our goal is to help them as they encourage youth, provide positive educational experiences and create an environment that is safe, exciting and enjoyable.  We are very much interested in collaborating with leaders who are committed to be:

  • enthusiastic about those under their care,
  • committed to focus on all aspects of child development—physical, mental, social, moral/spiritual,
  • driven to make sure the children under their care will enhance their personal attributes and assets, and
  • appreciate the beauty of our world.

We live in an era of uncertainty, yet there is also much opportunity.  It is our mission to encourage every child to grow, explore, study, think, collaborate, become fully functioning citizens and move into a future none of us can imagine.

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