360,000,000 Minutes of Activity a Year!

The power of the teachers using the Mileage Club® to help fight youth obesity and help get Americans moving is truly amazing. Here’s why.

The Numbers
Each year we have at least 10,000 schools committed to using the Mileage Club. There are approximately 275 children per school. Our local project, started in 1986 (consisting of 30-32 schools), for example, has shown over the years that in an 8 to 10 week period of time (2 to 3 x a week) the typical child walks/runs 11-15 miles. We have found these distances to be characteristic of other Mileage Club schools. Now, using this as a conservative sample (many schools run the program more than 10 weeks), let’s say the normal child walks/runs a mile in 12 minutes. These numbers show some extraordinary results.

Let’s Do the Math

  • 10,000 schools x 275 children = 2,750,000 children each year engaged in the Mileage Club.
  • 2,750,000 children x 11 miles = 30,250,000 miles a year.
  • 30,250,000 miles x 12 minutes = 363,000,000 minutes of exercise per year!

In Perspective
1,200 Laps Around the Planet.
More Students Participating in Mileage Club than People that Live in Chicago.
Students had a Combined Exercised Duration of 690 Years.

WOW! That Is Impressive.
Thanks to all physical education and classroom teachers, principals, playground supervisors, parents (especially PTA/PTOs) for your incredible support in helping us all Shape America’s Youth. You have been fabulous.

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