Beans. Who Knew?

Mileage Club History

Beans are a wonderful food. But would you believe they were involved in the first Mileage Club program?

In the early 80’s, Frost Elementary in Jackson, Michigan started a walking program for their students. For each lap a student covered, a bean was awarded. That’s right, a bean. The beans for each student were then counted and recorded as they entered the building. This method was very economical and worked okay until….the students starting bringing their own beans.

Beans or Mileage Marker Cards?

A new method of awarding laps was then instituted – red, round plastic chips. These worked great until … you guessed it, the kids found similar red plastic chips in their board games at home.

At that time, Frost Elementary requested the assistance of Fitness Finders, Inc. to help them create a new means of counting laps. Trial and error helped us come up with one of the best ways to count laps – the Mileage Marker Card.

Using the Mileage Marker Card –

  • Eliminated having to count and record laps each day
  • Helped kids visualize the total number of laps they had completed
  • Simplified tallying of miles
  • Was very economical

We also created a new award for the program – the Toe Token®. We now sell over 5 million Toe Tokens a year in 10 different varieties.*

So save the beans for supper and try a Mileage Marker Card instead.

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