Field Day

Field Day is a great time for fast, athletic students – often not so fun for those who do not meet these qualifications.  Make Field Day fun for everyone.  Go ahead, keep the competitive activities.  It’s okay to honor those who do have athletic ability.  (We honor those with math or reading ability.)

However, include some fun games where athletic prowess is not required.  To keep it fun, always add an unusual element to the event.

  • Basketball – make it a team competition of free throw shooting using underhand (so called granny) shots.
  • Relays
    • Use sponges to fill a small bucket with water
    • Roll a tire (in pairs of students)
    • Math relay
  • Bowling – fill soda bottles to knock over with bocce or basketballs
  • Horseshoes – use bean bags and hoops

Avoid too much down time by placing the students in teams, and use stations.  Teams simply move from station to station to participate in the various activities.  This is much better than having everyone watch as just a few students compete.  When done, honor each winning team at each station with a special award.  Most of all, have fun.

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