Top 12 Active Gifts (Under $20) for Kids


Haufen bunter Geschenke mit roter und gelber Schleife zu Weihnachten

Don’t stress! Help is on the way.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it can sometimes feel as if the whole world is weighing down on you while you’re just trying to find the perfect gifts within your budget.

So, to help you avoid this unnecessary anxiety I’ve come up with my top 12 gifts for kids. Better yet, all the gifts on this list are under $20! And even better, they’re all gifts that will keep kids moving instead of stuck in front of a screen.

Gifts like this can be extremely important to keep kids active when they’re home on an extended winter vacation from school. I’m confident that the kids looking up to you will love these gifts so much that they’ll play with them year-round to get rid of excess energy, stay fit, and allow everyone to keep their sanity.

The Top 12 *(Not in order by favorites)

  1. Hasbro Skip It– Skip It is an oldie but a goodie. I remember playing for hours with these when I was just a kid bouncing off the walls. One of the best parts about it is that it keeps track of your jumps so kids will always feel the competition when it comes to beating their old score. They can even use it to get grooving to their favorite songs! 
  1. Hasbro Twister– Building balance and strength are what this game is all about. It’s always exciting to play with the whole family, and a sure way to cure any kid’s case of the wiggles. The game is also set up so you can customize it with your own fun rules.
  1. Stomp Rocket Dueling Kit– The stomp rocket dueling kit is another fun way to bring some healthy movement and competition to kids. With an easy set-up, all they’ll have to do is run, jump, and stomp their hardest to see how high they can get the rocket to go. Before you know it, they’ll be chasing after it to see if they can beat their last attempt. 
  1. Educational Insights Magic Moves Electronic Wand– This great product will have kids moving, learning, and gaining listening skills all at the same time. It gives exciting commands for kids and all they have to do is follow the directions and move their body. You’ll all get a laugh while they can get a real workout that you can take anywhere. 
  1. Yoga Pretzels (Yoga Cards)– I personally used these cards as a camp counselor and the kids always loved these and the amazing activities that come with them! Adults and children alike will learn all about yoga and the benefits of it. These cards a great way to get active, breathe properly, and develop strength and flexibility. 
  1. Hop Ball– You probably remember jumping on one of these growing up. Kids have loved these for years along with the racing around, smiles, and plenty of bouncing that are sure to follow. This toy will always get children off their feet in a seriously entertaining way. 
  1. Bop Bag– Think you might have a future Muhammed Ali or just a kid that loves punching and kicking? Then the Bop Bag is going to be a smashing hit! These come in many styles and are always ready to pop up for more. 
  1. Snow Sled– Instead of just “dreaming of a white Christmas”, prepare for the fun that is going to come along with it! Zipping down a hill will never get dull no matter how old we are. And we all know of the physical activity that is sure to follow when kids want to climb back up for their next round! 
  1. Nerf Weather Blitz Football– This ball is incredible for young children to learn athleticism and the excitement of sports. It’s soft so it won’t hurt their bodies or hands and it’s smaller for the young ones to throw and catch with ease. This gift could establish the roots for a future NFL legend. 
  1. Stats Soft Bounce Pogo Stick– Why just let your kids walk around when they could be jumping! This pogo stick fits most heights and ages and it is made out of softer material so you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. 
  1. Sizzlin’ Cool 2 in 1 Toss Game Set– Love the game of corn hole but need something more portable and attention-getting for kids? This game will have them working on their accuracy and running back and forth to keep playing. Not only will the kids love it, but you will too when they ask you to play along. 
  1. Phlat Ball V3– My nephew recently got one of these for his birthday and he still hasn’t put it down! Unlike the typical Frisbee, this disk will expand when it is thrown or bounced. We always have fun tossing it back and forth and he loves to show me the new moves that he has come up with. 

Time to get up!

Not every toy this year has to be the newest, most expensive, or most technologically advanced. Kids will fall in love with these toys and the positive behaviors that you teach them by showing them that moving can be fun. After making this list and letting the nostalgia set in, I just might have to try them out myself! Fitness Finders wishes you all a safe, healthy, happy, and active holiday season!

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