Do Bully-Free Zones work?

An establishment down the road from my home has a sign at the front entrance announcing that it is a “Nuclear Free Zone.” I am not sure what that means. Questions that come to mind are:

  • Are visitors who carry nuclear products in their pockets immediately rejected by an invisible Nuclear-Free fence? (I guess that would be a good reminder for those who are in the habit of carrying nuclear items. Check your pockets prior to entering.)
  • What happens if an individual with nuclear material happens to make in on the property? Does the nuclear material suddenly disappear, or does it explode?
  • In case of a nuclear bombing, will the nuclear waves not penetrate this area? Sign me up!

In the same way, the statement that a specific school is a Bully-Free Zone just creates questions.

  • Are bullies immediately rejected when they hit the invisible Bully-Free barrier?
  • What if a bully does make it into the zone? Does the bully now become a nice person?
  • What happens if someone does bully another within the zone?

Too frequently, Bully-Free signs are posted without proper programs or education for all involved parties. The belief – by posting a Bully-Free sign, bullies will turn and run, or simply decide not to bully any more.

Posting a Bully-Free sign is simple to do. Let’s make sure we have policies and programs in place to substantiate such a declaration.

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